“Life is a miracle. Then people start to look for the
miracle outside of themselves.” – Tony Arribas

We are taught that the outside world has a great influence over the way we feel, yet, on one level, we know that is not true.

No one can make anyone, feel anything. Once a person points towards the fact we feel our own thinking about any situation, and not anything else, they are on the road to a completely different experience of life.

We live in a mind made reality. Once we begin to take full responsibility for creating our reality, things begin to change in magical ways!

What this means is that we are never victims of life´s circumstances. We create our reality 100% of the time via our inborn ability to think. We have the power within us to have a different outlook towards life, regardless of the thoughts we are having.

By understanding how the mind works, in to out, not out to in, we begin to live life more in the moment and have a smoother ride along the way.

My passion is to help spread the Inside-Out understanding originally discovered by Sydney Banks in the 70 ies, bringing the understanding of how we all operate
and create our experience of life to the community.

The Inside Out Understanding

  • Our feelings only ever come from how we see things in the moment
  • A circumstance cannot give us a particular feeling directly
  • The more we realise this is true, the more our mind has the ability to settle down quicker
  • A by product of this is that our innate ability to produce what the right thing to do in the moment, is more readily available to us

“When we believe life works outside in, it’s like we are controlled by a set of traffic lights. Our moods seem to only shift when the lights change. The more we understand we are beyond the lights, and life works inside out, the more they can change as many times as they like without us being caught in the outside in illusion.”