Tony Arribas
Innate Resilience Coach


Coming across this new paradigm for transforming psychology in 2010 has transformed my life, and the lives of my clients, and it can do the same for you too!

I have finished my 3 Principles Trainer Training in 2012 with Dr Mark Howard and Cathy Casey in London, and have continued to deepen my understanding by attending further workshops and learning from other great teachers such as Dicken Bettinger, Garret Kramer, Dr Keith Blevens, Michael Neill and Jamie Smart.

The search is over! The journey is just beginning, and that means so are these deeper feelings of love and connection that reside in every single one of us.

“You don’t have to react to a thought” – Sydney Banks

My journey to well-being

In May 2010, I was at the end of my tether. My life had reached what seemed to me a point of no return.

I’d had a stress attack in 2008, which had temporarily numbed my left side. Then my Mum was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. How could I possibly cope and care for her if my own well-being seemed to be at an all time low? At that stage I was convinced that everyone in the world was mentally ill on one level, and that definitely included me!

Then, after going to a weekend seminar in a desperate attempt to get my business going again, and because it was only 20 minutes away, I heard something that gave me hope, that pointed me towards the fact that I had innate wellbeing that had never left me. After all, babies don’t go in for therapy sessions very often!

I began to feel alive more often for no reason at all, and the fascinating thing was that I didn’t need to look for a reason for feeling more alive. It was so liberating!

I was guided to continue to deepen my understanding of why I didn’t need a reason (because I still wanted to figure out why I wasn’t feeling great sometimes too!). Fast forward to now, I am the happiest I have ever been, that includes every emotion you can think like frustration and anger. The difference from before? I see more and more where they are really coming from!